Crowdsourcing Real Time News

Connecting mobile users, news sites and publishers from all over the world in one place to allow a fast and simple use of user generated content in the media.

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Change the world

Mobile users today, more than ever before, can have an active role in reporting the news in real time. Photos communicate reality, they tell a story, they make you feel and think, and they can be taken from any place, at any time, using your smartphone.
We make it simple for you to get your photos published in the media.
Watch the video to see what we believe in.

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Report breaking news

Got exposed to breaking news? Witnessed a newsworthy event? Took photos from an interesting place? Have something to share with the world? Scoutti is the solution for you – we connect mobile users and media outlets in one place to allow a fast and simple use of user generated content in the media.

Gain recognition

Take photos with your smartphone and get them published in news sites and newspapers around the world. Receive credit and gain recognition for your work by using Scoutti.

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Broadcast your photos

Everytime you upload a photo, we take care of the rest in the background. No need for you to send emails to editorials, call journalists, use multiple proprietary services, tweet, or share on Facebook. Click here to see to where we are sending your photos to.

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Express yourself & Explore places

Scoutti is good for more uses beyond news!
See places you care about, feed your curiosity, explore new scenes, and interact with people in interesting places. All without being limited to your online social circles or presence.

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Get relevant photos in real time

No more browsing through endless streams of online photos. Simply request photos from news worthy events and places, and Scoutti users from all over the world will reply with relevant photos in real time using their smartphone.

Pay less & Publish immediately

Why pay so much for photographs when you can ask the crowd to send photos?
Save up to 90% on acquiring publication rights and publish any photo immediately.

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Engage & Attract readers

Keep your readers updated and engaged through requests for photos.
Attract new readers from outside your community to your news site.

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Credibility assurance

We understand how important credibility is when covering news.
We have implemented several mechanisms to verify the authenticity of photos, the actual locations in which they were taken, and the precise time. You can relax and publish content from Scoutti without wasting time.

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